You could call this our 'bread and butter' work. We complete at least ten extensions in any given calendar year.

Extensions can add excellent value to your home, are a good way to open up the potential of any property and due to more encouraging Permitted Development planning regulations, they can be an easier option than you may at first believe. 

Over the years GD Builders has completed a wide variety of extensions, the most popular of which being single storey rear extensions often housing a modern open plan kitchen and doors into your garden. This relaxed lifestyle layout is easily achievable and can add plenty of benefits to your home.

We also do the very popular and cost effective "over tenement" or "above garage" extensions, either of which can transform your single extension into a double extension. 

We work hand in hand with a variety of local companies and specialist providers who provide all such materials made to measure to suit your project. We can install UPVC or the increasingly popular aluminium windows, French doors or bi-fold doors. 

Additionally, as with all our projects, we aim to source all our building materials and services locally, keeping Plymouth based industry vibrant. Buying this way also means we can work faster, "nip any problems in the bud" and use a set of people with local knowledge.

Generally speaking we always have at least one extension project "on the go" for you to look at and can provide plenty of up to date clients who would be happy to discuss our works and show you their extension. 


Thinking of having a porch?

Its amazing how that small space at the front of your house can make a massive difference to how you use your home. Whether you want a place to store coats and shoes or a space to separate the front door from the lounge.

They can be a fast and affordable construction that can increase the value of your house. 

Whatever you are considering, call or email GD Builders  for a free, no obligation quote. We can help you with working out a budget for your project and what level of permissions you will need or provide an accurate cost if you already have the drawings in place.